10 Reasons To Be A PlayMoreGolf Member

The team at PlayMoreGolf are often asked many of the same questions about becoming a member: Will I still be able to play in competitions? What will happen if I can’t use all my points? Will I need to pay an additional green fee?

So, we thought it would be helpful to answer some of your questions by discussing what we believe to be the top 10 benefits of becoming a PlayMoreGolf member. Read on to discover more…

  1. PlayMoreGolf offers better value for money

    As a PlayMoreGolf member, you have the opportunity to save money while maximising your time on the golf course. In fact, many of our members save anywhere between £300 and £500 per year*. Each point value per round is better value than any other discounted green fee price that a club will offer, meaning it’s better value for money and a more positive overall experience.

  1. You get your own CDH number for your handicap

    You have two options upon commencing your membership. You can either transfer your CDH (Central Database of Handicapping) number from another club, or if you’re brand new to the game, you can receive your CDH after 3 rounds of golf. This enables you to partake in more activities at the clubs, which we will move onto next.

  1. You can play in Opens, Club Medals and Stableford Competitions at ANY club

    Once you receive or transfer your official CHD (Central Database of Handicapping) number, you can partake in competitions, opens and medals at any golf club of your choosing. This gives you a lot more flexibility than a traditional membership, as your handicap travels with you as you explore new clubs up and down the country!

  1. It’s all organised online

    Say goodbye to repetitive ‘on-hold’ music and strict office opening times – at PlayMoreGolf, your membership is managed online from a desktop, tablet or mobile. The system is easy to understand, even if you’ve limited experience using the internet, and works in real time. And, of course, should you need a hand, you can call us or use our LiveChat feature.

  1. You get a sense of belonging

    It’s nice to feel part of something and valued by a golf club, and that’s exactly what our members report to feel when they join PlayMoreGolf. One of the greatest concerns a new member might have is visiting a club for the first time and feeling like a temporary visitor – but that’s not the reality at all. No matter where you go, you’ll be welcomed as a full member. Not only that, you’ll have access to our exclusive PlayMoreGolf Facebook group where you can share your passion for the game with likeminded people.

  1. You don’t pay any additional green fees

    When you’re a PlayMoreGolf member, you’ll enjoy up to 50 rounds (number may differ at each golf club) of golf over a full 12 months at clubs up and down the country with no additional green fee or hidden costs. It really is that simple!

  1. You can play with friends using our Buddy Booking system

    Launched at the beginning of June, the PlayMoreGolf Buddy Booking system is a simple-to-use, fully-online, mobile-friendly system that allows you to buddy up with another PlayMoreGolf member and use both of your points to book sessions together. You’ll notice in our exclusive PlayMoreGolf Facebook group that many members are meeting new golfing pals and hooking up for a round using this new system.

  1. You never lose your points, even if you don’t use them all

    We know it’s frustrating when you pay for something you later can’t use in full, which is why at PlayMoreGolf we ensure you retain all of your unused points at your chosen home club, which are then carried over into the next membership year. So, if you’re playing a little less one year, you won’t need to worry about any money wasted.

  1. You can play even if you’re away for business or leisure

    So often, we encounter people who are tied to only one golf club and wish they could play a few rounds with clients, colleagues or family while away from home. The good news is, as a PlayMoreGolf member, this is possible. Use 20% of your points at clubs up and down the country so that no matter how active your lifestyle is, you won’t miss out on your passion.

  1. You’re supporting golf clubs to be more successful

    You might be wondering how your money is spent when you pay for your PlayMoreGolf membership. Well, the good news is, the majority of it goes towards your ‘home’ golf club, meaning they can spend that money making it a more enjoyable place to play.

Of course, if you have any other questions about the benefits of becoming a PlayMoreGolf member, or have any concerns or worries, you can call us today or use our LiveChat feature and discuss the membership in greater depth. Alternatively, watch Jamie Carroll talk more about the benefits of membership in this Facebook Live video.

* Savings vary from member to member based on numbers of rounds played and location