Formby Hall Golf Resort – A Case Study

Situated in the tranquil borough of Merseyside, Formby Hall Golf Resort offers a stretch of protected green, gorgeous pines and panoramic views, making it a truly spectacular place to play golf.

Founded in 1884, this well-established club has been fortunate to enjoy a wealth of historic activity including hosting the 33rd Curtis Cup in 2004 and Arnold Palmer Cup in 2016. But, like many other golf clubs, it became apparent that the offering needed an update to stay current and appealing to younger golfing demographics.

It was in June 2016 that the club decided to open a flexible golfing category through PlayMoreGolf. Since then, the club has gone from strength to strength, retaining its traditional feel but adapting its category offering to include more flexible members.

Initial successes were evident. The club began to increase its revenue steadily, with the total increase through flexible membership alone totalling over £37k to date. Over 1000 enquiries about the club were made within the first two years of launch via the PlayMoreGolf marketing package. In the first quarter of 2018 alone, over 60 new joiners signed up to make Formby Hall Golf Resort their home club. Given these fantastic triumphs, we have every reason to believe that Formby Hall Golf Resort will see further results in 2019.

Mark Williams, Golf Manager and Head Professional said:

“Having added the PMG membership category to our options of club memberships two years ago we have been delighted with the growth in our flexi-points memberships. We knew we had a market for this style of membership locally and the partnership with PMG has confirmed this. Yes we had some concerns initially but they have been completely removed now.”

“Any golf club looking to broaden their membership categories and attract more golfers to their facility would be crazy not to consider a partnership with PMG. These guys know their stuff when it comes to marketing and generating interest in the product. The PlayMoreGolf team will do a great job in helping to grow your clubs membership.”

Marcus Weatherburn, co-founder of PlayMoreGolf, says “It is no surprise to us that this incredible, long-established golf club has received so much interest via its flexible category. We look forward with great interest to the next few years and feel confident the golf club will continue to thrive. We want to thank Formby Hall Golf Resort for putting its faith in PlayMoreGolf  and we’re thrilled they’re reaping huge rewards from this decision”.