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PlayMoreGolf is a modern membership category for golfers. You pre-purchase points as part of your membership which are exchanged for rounds of golf. The points-value of a round will vary depending on the course and time of day you play. With PlayMoreGolf, you will get direct booking access to over 200 different golf courses whilst also being a member of your ‘home’ club. 

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Enter your postcode below to find your nearest golf club who operates a PlayMoreGolf Flexible Membership. 

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How does a golf Flexible Membership work?

When choosing to join PlayMoreGolf, you are buying points which can then be used against the value of a round of golf. You do not need to pay a green fee on top of this. Each golf club has their own points matrix where the points value varies depending on the day and time. 

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Why would you consider flexible membership over a full membership or green fees?

There are many reasons why flexible golf memberships are so popular. Due to work commitments, time, families, costs and just general lifestyle changes, golfers can’t always justify having a full membership.  

Furthermore, with so many amazing golf courses out there, people want to play at different venues. 

A Flexible membership with PlayMoreGolf guarantees your round to be cheaper than a green fee plus you also receive many benefits you would do if you were a full member. 

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What are the benefits of joining PlayMoreGolf

  • Access 7-days a week to your ‘home club’ 

  • Book online directly via our app 

  • Flexible playing opportunities at over 200 Partner courses at no extra cost 

  • Guaranteed to be cheaper than a visitor round of golf 

  • Pay for your friends using points 

  • Meet new golfers via our ‘buddy booking’ scheme 

  • Opportunity to top up your points 

  • Unused ‘home club’ points roll over upon renewal 

How to join the points-based membership

Join 12,000+ golfers on the PlayMoreGolf network and gain access to over 200 golf courses in 3 simple steps.


Find your home club

With a network of over 200 clubs across the UK and growing, we have a club for everyone.  Discover your local club today.

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View the points matrix

Every club has it’s own unique points matrix. Points vary at different times of the day, find your home club and explore the matrix.

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Pay securely online

Once you’ve chosen your home club, pay securely online, you are then a member and can book and play the same day.

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Mixing business and golf with Corporate Membership

It’s well known that a golf course is a brilliant place to do business. Whether you’re entertaining existing clients, trying to win new business or giving your employees more benefits. With PlayMoreGolf, you would get access to over 200 golf courses and each associate member can entertain up to 3 guests at one time. 

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Do you want to contact us?

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We will aim to get back to you within 3 working days. If your inquiry relates to bookings & cancellations your home club will likely be best placed to resolve the issue, so it is worthwhile contacting them directly.