Offer Flexible Memberships To Generate More Revenue

Quickly and easily create and manage a new profitable category of golf membership to increase your club profit.

Membership Revenue Guaranteed

Remove the risk of visitor green fees and benefit from additional clubhouse spend.

Dedicated Marketing Support

Our team of marketing will build a campaign to drive new member leads to your club.

Works With Your Tee Sheet Provider

Integrates easily into your booking system, so you can fill those empty tee times.

Tee Sheet Utilisation

Those quiet tee slots can be filled with a points based solution

Retain More Members

See how a flexible membership can help you retain more members

Need Marketing Support

We can drive enquiries to your club and can help you convert them

Increase Club Revenue

A solution to drive revenue from the infrequent golfer

Unlock your club growth potential

PlayMoreGolf can generate additional contracted income from a flexible membership category at your club. Using our knowledge and expertise, we can generate additional revenue and at the same time allow you to remain in control, all whilst increasing your profitability.

Management Reports


Marketing System


Management Tools


Tee Sheet Provider Integration

Whatever system you use, we can connect to it...


Our Happy Clients

We decided to choose PlayMoreGolf over doing our own membership system, mainly because of the backup and support that they can give you. Their experience is invaluable in helping you. We’ve had over 100 players join on the scheme, a mixture of a younger demographic of players and some of the older players who used to be here and have come back to the club. sInce launching the membership category, both board and committee are very, very pleased.

Richard Crawshaw Head Professional, Wortley Golf Club

We chose to launch our flexible membership category with the bespoke platform due to huge opportunity we saw with a completely new target market in abu dhabi and the wider uae. At the time, golf membership in the traditional sense was on the decline; however we knew the high-earning, younger, time conscious, infrequent golfer would get real value from a more flexible approach. We saw immediate success in terms of enquiries and golfers joining yas links. The industry-leading platform means management of the entire category for me and my team was extremely simple. Plus, the customer journey is 5 star, as golfers’ book all their golf online through the bespoke app. I’d highly recommend playmore. Golf to any world class golf club looking to modernise their membership offering.

James Ibbetson Director of Golf, Yas Links

We always wanted to offer flexible membership at the club as we knew there was a market for it, but we didn’t how to manage it. The concern was always that the administration of it would be time-consuming and difficult. The fact that PlayMoreGolf is all managed online and points are automatically deducted, and the bookings feed straight to our tee sheet is fantastic and ensures the staff is free to continue with their tasks and looking after members/guests. The lead generation setup gives us an opportunity to speak with potential members and grow our database. The new members have been fully welcomed to the club, and we are grateful for the increase in membership.

Natalie Lowe Owner, Theale Golf Club

Your Process Plan

Partnering with PlayMoreGolf provides you with an account manager who supports you with all aspects of your flexible membership.

Design Your Points Matrix

Work with your support manager to choose your preferred points matrix - how many points a golfer uses at different tee times

Connect Your Tee Sheet

Tell us who your tee sheet provider and our dedicated tech support team will integrate our platform seamlessly with your existing services

Lead Generation Engine

Your support manager will book a call with our dedicated club marketing team so they can build your lead generation engine

Improve Your Tee Sheet Utilisation

At PlayMoreGolf, we know that you want to be the most profitable golf club in your area. In order for your club to achieve that, you need to ensure that your tee sheet utilisation is best in class.

The solution is not to trade tee times at increasingly lower fee rates to an online platform that you don’t control.

We believe the answer lies in finding members who want to play golf during those times of the day that your current members don’t normally wish to play.

This is why we created the original and most popular flexible membership solution that can be deployed quickly and easily with your current tee-sheet booking system.

Here’s how it works: 

Step 1 – choose your preferred points matrix (how many points a golfer uses at different times of the day when booking a tee time)

Step 2 – tell us who your tee sheet provider is

Step 3 – book a call with our dedicated club marketing team

Book a demo today and discover how quickly and easily you can start increasing your member revenue.

Platform Features

Membership Options

Club Set Up

Club Support

Marketing and Lead generation

Club Network


Integrates with Club Management Systems

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Average age of golfers - 21 years younger than the average 7 Day Member

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Rounds are played Off-Peak - Flexi members fill your empty afternoon tee times

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Value per round 3-4 times higher than traditional members

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PMG members average spend £12.27 per person per round on food and beverage