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What is

What does a profitable flexible membership category look like?

  • Develop an efficient yield managed points system
  • Drive member rounds to quiet times on your golf course
  • Guarantee contracted membership revenue
  • Remove the risk of weather dependant green fee revenue
  • Develop a real-time online booking platorm to manage members points
  • Retain control of your tee sheet
  • Automated referral and retention communications
  • Remove downgrade risk
  • Have complete control when introducing your flexible membership category
  • Drive added ancillary revenue
  • Facilitate flexible members playing multiple courses
  • Highly managed reciprocal revenue driver
  • Be proactive – marketing that deliver tangible and measurable results
  • Use an efficient CRM to increase productivity
  • Have focused and skilled sales management support
  • Increased member round yield vs. your full members


Brian Garnett: Past Vice-President & Member of the Board at Low Laithes Golf Club

As Marketing Director of our private members golf club my priority was to increase membership profitability. We introduced our own flexible membership 2 years ago and we soon realised this was the way golf would be going in the future. Like most members clubs we are always looking at ways to drive additional membership revenue and re-invigorate the activity we were doing locally. I came across a PlayMoreGolf advert in a golf magazine and rang for more information. After a few conversations I soon realised they were a company with experience and expertise who had concrete proof of success in this type of membership. The club and PlayMoreGolf are now in partnership together.

From the initial contact, through the discussion stage and now with our partnership, PlayMoreGolf have been extremely helpful, giving advice and answering queries no matter how trivial. Even though our partnership is only in its infancy PlayMoreGolf have already generated a large amount of new member enquiries. Our membership numbers have increased and we are on target to deliver our revenue targets which we wouldn’t have achieved without PlayMoreGolf.

I would recommend all private member golf club secretarys or committees to speak with the team at PlayMoreGolf to discover how you can unlock additional membership revenue for your club.

Brad Chard: Club Secretary at East Berkshire Golf Club

We signed up for the PMG scheme in February and the marketing went live at the beginning of March. PlayMoreGolf paid for Facebook, Google AdWords, Email and SMS campaigns – all specifically designed to attract golfers in our area and demographic.

Knowing the experience of the PMG marketing team, I was expecting a strong result but even I was startled that it generated over 190 new leads in just one month. Not having any sales resource I had upgraded to the premium sales service offered by PMG, and they not only made sales via their in-house team, but also booked appointments straight into my diary for show rounds. 53 new flexible members in one month is a fabulous result, we still have all those other leads to work on, and of course, more to come as the marketing gets even more targeted.


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