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What does a profitable flexible membership category look like?

  • Develop an efficient yield managed points system
  • Drive member rounds to quiet times on your golf course
  • Guarantee contracted membership revenue
  • Remove the risk of weather dependant green fee revenue
  • Develop a real-time online booking platorm to manage members points
  • Retain control of your tee sheet
  • Automated referral and retention communications
  • Remove downgrade risk
  • Have complete control when introducing your flexible membership category
  • Drive added on-spend revenue
  • Facilitate flexible members playing multiple courses
  • Highly managed reciprocal revenue driver
  • Be proactive – marketing that deliver tangible and measurable results
  • Use of an efficient CRM system to increase productivity
  • Have focused and skilled sales management support
  • Increased member round yield vs. your full members


Ann Rafferty: Secretary at Penn Golf Club

The committee at Penn Golf Club took the decision to launch PlayMoreGolf in March 2018. The decision was very easy as it was almost a ‘no-brainer’ for us. We had lots of available tee times in the afternoons where we knew PlayMoreGolf would help fill with guaranteed membership revenue. Our biggest piece of feedback from golfers leaving the club, and not joining our club, was simply not playing enough golf to justify a full 7 day membership. The new PlayMoreGolf flexible membership allows golfers like this to still be a genuine member at Penn Golf Club and enjoy not only the amazing golf course, but the fantastic social element that comes with our club too. Our first 6 months results have been fantastic – our yield per round of golf is actually around £40 compared to our average green fee of around £25. The support from PlayMoreGolf has been great too with regular updates, product developments and monthly reviews. We are really looking forward to 2019 and growing our flexible membership category even more – I know the product is fantastic and we already have lots of golfers in the local area looking to join.


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