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Delivering exceptional services to our valued clients

The flexible golf membership category lets you play golf your way. This affordable golf course membership is particularly popular with golfers who don’t play enough golf to make a typical annual subscription to a golf club cost-effective.
Pay a discounted annual subscription to be a member at any one of our partner golf clubs. With the PlayMoreGolf membership, rather than paying for a discounted green fee, you will receive a number of points depending on your selected club. For example, if you select a £350 club, you will receive 100 points in total, 80 home points and 20 flexi points. Then, simply book your next round of golf through our app or online booking platform, pay with your points, and hit the course. These points will then be automatically deducted from your account. Generally, the time of day will dictate the number of points you pay to play. So, view our Club Map to discover your local clubs and how much it costs to play.

The PlayMoreGolf flexi points allow you to play at any of our partner clubs across the UK. Our flexi points can also be used to play at your home club, meaning you can use all 100 points* to play at your selected home club!

*Each club will differ. Make sure to check yours today!

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Why partner with us?

Dedicated Marketing Support

We support all our partner clubs with advanced marketing strategies, driving both new and re-engaged leads. We use a mixture of media and platforms we generate and engage leads, using different touch points to turn those leads into new members at your club.

Efficient yield-managed point system

Our dedicated club support team will work with you to create an efficient matrix for your club, helping to drive rounds of golf to be played during your current quiet times. Also, help generate a high yielding category of membership.

Guaranteed contracted membership revenue

A flexible golf membership removes the risk of weather dependant green fee revenue. Also, it drives added on-spend revenue in the shop, bar and restaurant at your club. As you will be part of our wider network, you will also see additional revenue from away-players.

Online CRM System

You will receive access to our CRM system. This will help you manage your prospects and members. Also included is automated referral and retention communications. Our system also controls all point deductions.

Skilled Sales Support

Along with a dedicated club support manager, who will be able to assist with any issues or queries you may have, you also have the option to use our skilled call centre team to help boost your membership sales.

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A flexible membership with PlayMoreGolf

The UK's most popular golf membership provider

Month-on-month PlayMoreGolf continue to grow, bringing on new partner clubs and welcoming both new and old golfers back to the game. We are trusted by golfers and golf clubs across the UK.

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Booking golf even easier

Once you become a member, you have an online account that allows you to manage your entire golf membership, including booking rounds of golf, purchasing more points, inviting friends, and more! We also have an app that makes booking golf even easier! All points are managed online too, which means all you have to do is choose where and when you want to play — it’s that simple. When you make a booking, the points are simply deducted from your account, meaning you always know exactly how many points you have left.

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PlayMoreGolf is the first flexible golf membership linking individual golf clubs across the United Kingdom under one membership.

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