3 reasons why golfers should buy a specialist golf insurance policy:

Golf insurance rubber ring

Limitations of Home Insurance

While some golfers may rely on their home insurance to cover their golf equipment, it’s
important to note that this coverage typically extends only to items kept at home. Golfers often
carry expensive equipment with them to the course, and if these items are lost, stolen, or
damaged while away from home, they may not be covered by standard home insurance
policies. Even if coverage does apply, it’s common for home insurance policies to have high
excess (the amount you must pay towards any claim) and single-article limits (the maximum
amount the insurer will pay for a single item). Additionally, making a claim on home insurance
for golf equipment could lead to increased renewal premiums. Therefore, a specialist golf
insurance policy can offer broader coverage specifically tailored to the needs of golfers,
providing peace of mind both on and off the course.

Liability Coverage

Accidents can happen on the golf course, and if a golfer injures someone else or damages their
property, the financial liability can be significant. A stray golf ball hitting a bystander or a mishap
with a golf buggy could result in legal claims for compensation. Without adequate insurance
coverage, golfers could face substantial financial repercussions, including legal fees and
compensation payouts. A specialist golf insurance policy typically includes liability coverage to
protect golfers in such situations, helping to mitigate the potentially catastrophic financial
consequences of accidental injury or property damage.

Comprehensive Coverage for Golf-related Expenses

Beyond equipment and liability coverage, a specialist golf insurance policy can offer additional
benefits tailored to the needs of golfers. For instance, it may cover lost membership fees if a
golfer is unable to play due to injury or illness, reimburse tournament fees if a golfer is forced to
withdraw for medical reasons, and provide coverage for medical or dental bills resulting from
injuries sustained while playing golf. These provisions ensure that golfers are not only protected
financially in the event of accidents or injuries but also receive support for various expenses
associated with their golfing activities. This comprehensive coverage can provide invaluable
support, allowing golfers to focus on their game with confidence, knowing that they are
adequately protected against potential risks and losses.

In summary, while home insurance may offer some limited coverage for golf equipment, it’s
often insufficient to address the diverse risks and needs of golfers. A specialist golf insurance
policy provides tailored coverage, addressing the unique risks faced by golfers both on and off
the course, including equipment damage, liability claims, and other golf-related expenses. By
investing in a dedicated golf insurance policy, UK golfers can enjoy greater peace of mind and
financial protection, allowing them to pursue their passion for the sport with confidence.

Rubber Ring Golf Insurance

PlayMoreGolf has partnered with Rubber Ring; a new generation of golf insurance born from a
wealth of experience in the sports insurance market.
With golf insurance starting from just £29.99/year for £2,500 worth of golf equipment cover
(with £5million Golfer’s liability cover included) any amateur golfer serious about their game
should be looking at a Rubber Ring policy to protect themselves and their money from
unforeseen events on and off the golf course.
Learn more at

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